Read what others say about my services:

  "I have completely entrusted my business and livelihood in Chris' hands without a second thought. The fact that I don't ever have to worry about payroll, the taxes getting submitted/paid is such a weight off my shoulders. Also the fact that she is so accommodating and comes into my office to go over the QuickBooks with me and make sure that I am maximizing business deductions by making sure I have everything coded right. Balancing my payroll account, credit card statements, the list goes on. I would, without hesitation recommend Chris to anyone."     Lori S. - St. Cloud    

  "Chris Panek helped make our dream of improving our financial health and growing our business a reality.  Chris is creative, intelligent, flexible, and kind.  Through her patience and extensive experience, she has helped me greatly improve my comprehension and understanding of bookkeeping and accounting, which has increased my ability and confidence to make sound business decisions.  She continually works with us and gives us options that align with our situation and needs.  Prior to working with Chris, I lost sleep over whether or not our financial statements and tax information were correct - now, I have complete confidence that our financial information is sound and accurate.  To say that this is a relief is an understatement!!  With Chris Panek, you aren't treated like a number on a balance sheet; you are treated like a member of her family.  I can't say enough how grateful we are to her for her help, expertise, and guidance.  Whether you are considering hiring a bookkeeper/accountant, want to eliminate the stress involved with that tax appointment, or simply want a more personal and fulfilling relationship with your bookkeeper, do yourself a favor and meet with Chris Panek.  It will be one of the best decisions you ever make!"  Melissa K. St. Cloud

  "Working with Chris has been such a pleasure, she is very knowledgeable.  Figuring out the taxes for my business has had many challenges and she always gives good advice and has gone above and beyond to help out."     Cheri  C - Sartell

  "Chris Panek has been a vital part of the organizational system for accounting in my small business.  She has assisted me in setting up my day-to-day operations, along with saving me valuable time by keeping up with the current and ever-changing tax laws.  At the end of each year, filing my taxes has been a quick and simple process.  I feel I can go to Chris anytime and ask the questions I need to stay operating with efficiency.  Often times small businesses fail because they don't have organized systems.  Chris has helped in keeping my busy company on task and made me feel secure in the often intimidating world of accounting.  We are a better business because of her expertise!"      Beth H. - St. Cloud

  "If I had to use two words to describe what Chris means to my business, it would be "stress relief".  Chris takes the worry out of doing my payroll, my accounting and little things like filing quarterly tax statements, etc.  I have enough things pulling me in different directions during the day, it's nice to know Chris is there handling those things for me."     Scott S - St. Cloud

  "Chris not only helped finally get our books straight, she has taught me to do them right.  In just 2 sessions Chris fixed our past problems and patiently taught me how to move forward.  Do not wait until you have problems.  Learn how to manage your books right, from the beginning."      Maggie M - Becker

  "Christine Panek has helped our business grow tremendously!  I can't say enough about her QuickBooks expertise, tax knowledge, organization skills, and professionalism.  I can call her ANYTIME to get assistance with a QuickBooks question.  She knows the program like no other and is more than willing to do what it takes to answer your questions, even if it means coming to you.

Christine has kept us on track each week with payroll tax deposits and each quarter with all tax deposits.  Working with Christine with these has helped me avoid a significant amount of late fees on a state and federal level...she keeps me in "check".

I would recommend Christine (and have) to all of my friends & family who are looking for someone to work with on a QuickBooks and accounting level.  She is a pleasure to do business with!"     Karri H - Sauk Rapids

  "Chris has been very wonderful to work with.  I appreciated how comfortable I was with her when we met the first time.  She is very trustworthy.  I really appreciate how much I learn from her and how she can describe things in a very easy way to understand.  I thank her for listening very well to us.  Her knowledge is very much appreciated.  Thank you!"     Amy M - St. Cloud

  "Chris set our business up with QuickBooks and showed me how to use the system.  She is a very good teacher and explains things to you so you understand them.  She keeps up with all the new laws and forms that need to be done.  She will help you with them or do them for you.  You will never have to worry about deadlines or things not being done right.  She does it all.  I use to dread tax time...but with Chris keeping me up to date and checking out my work each month, I am right on time and have it all in QuickBooks...everything is at my fingertips.

The best part is that I know it is done right and I feel very confident with Chris.  She is easy to work with plus she is sooooo fast and accurate.  Chris can help you watch your numbers so you know what your business is doing and heading for at the end of the year.  Chris comes in once a month and goes over the things I have done, and if I have a question or two, she gives me the answers.  When she leaves I feel good because if I made an error or two she will find them and fix them.  She will let you do as much as you want, and she will do the rest if you don't have time, or if you would just rather have her do it.

I wouldn't have the piece of mind I have with my work if I didn't have Chris to help and keep me on the right path.  Plus, if I had to take some time off suddenly, she knows what is going on and could come right in and keep things going until I got back.

If you need someone to help you with your business decisions, need help getting started or changing to an easier way to keep books - or just an extra brain - Chris is for you."     Janice P. - Holdingford

  "As an owner of a small business I rely on a professional like Chris to keep my business numbers in order so I can concentrate on what I like to do best.  How many CPA's make house calls?  Chris always has and that sets her apart from any other CPA in town.  Without hesitation, I can easily say Chris is absolutely the best in the business."     Scott A - St. Cloud

Ask yourself these important questions...

Do you have accurate, reliable financial information at your fingertips?

Do you fully understand your financial information?

Are you getting the most out of your accounting software?

Do you enjoy staying up late, working weekends and spending less time
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Do you have a go-to person for QuickBooks?

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions you need to contact me.

     I provide high quality
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     I save you time so you can 
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     My streamlined processes
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